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Dentures are a common solution to missing teeth. There are many reasons people lose teeth and may need dentures. Accidents, bone loss, gum disease, lack of dental care or age are all things that can contribute to the loss of teeth. If you’re missing some teeth or need to have some teeth removed, dentures might be a good solution for you.

Click below for an appointment to consult with the compassionate team of professionals at Platinum Dental Care at West Jordan. We can help you decide if dentures are the right choice for you!

How do dentures work?

Dentures are a custom-made, removable set of teeth that can replace all or some of your teeth. Partial dentures rely on your surrounding healthy teeth for support, while a full set is made to perfectly fit on your gums. 

If you need teeth to be removed first, there will be a waiting period while your gums heal before your new dentures can be made, but you’ll be given a temporary set of dentures until your permanent set can be made.

Our caring team will make sure you understand the whole process and that you know how to care for your healing gums and your new set of dentures. 

Is it hard to get used to having


Your dentures will feel very natural to you after a short period of adjustment. 

  • Inserting and removing your dentures takes a little practice, but it will become second nature for you 
  • Your new teeth will feel different to your tongue and cheeks at first, but you will get accustomed to them
  • There may be some minor irritation or soreness at first but it will fade with time

We’ll be right there with you through the whole process. Our goal is to give you a well-functioning set of teeth with a smile that you’ll be proud of. Call us for a consultation!

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