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A frenum is a connective tissue in the mouth, and a frenectomy is a simple and common procedure to remove or reduce the size of a frenum. One frenulum attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth and other ones attach the lips to the gums between the front teeth. When these tissues restrict speech, movement or swallowing, this simple procedure can solve the problem.

If you think your child might benefit from a frenectomy give us a call or use the link below to set up a consultation!

How is a frenectomy done?

Getting a frenectomy is safer and easier than ever when done with a dental laser. Using a laser means you’ll experience less pain, heal much quicker, and have less risk of infection. Here at Platinum Dental Care in West Jordan we use the latest in dental technology to give you the best care available. This makes for a quick, painless, and effective frenectomy surgery! You can count on us to treat you right. 

What do I do after my


In many instances there is little pain or swelling after a frenectomy. Our knowledgeable staff will explain how to care for your mouth while you heal depending on your procedure. We may have you:

  • Take pain medication
  • Swish with a mouthwash to help keep the area clean
  • Eat soft foods for a day or two
  • Use an ice pack for any swelling
  • Avoid spicy or acidic food for a few days

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