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With developing technology, laser dentistry has become a realistic option for treating several dental conditions. Typically laser dentistry offers a more comfortable treatment when compared to drills other non-laser tools. 

Most people don’t know that LASER is actually an acronym for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.” Essentially, a laser creates and carries light as a narrow and focused beam.

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What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

You might be wondering what makes laser dentistry a more appealing option than other methods of dental procedures. Perhaps the most important benefit to our patients is the comfort. Dental lasers are precise and compact. They perform their procedures quickly and accurately, and with slight numbing, are painless. They are also non-invasive, making them one of the most comfortable dental tools around.

Lasers can also create a more cost-effective and efficient dental treatment for patients, allowing them more options. 

What dental procedures use

Laser Dentistry?

  • Treating hypersensitive teeth
  • Removing tooth decay
  • Correcting gum disease
  • Whitening teeth
  • Frenectomies

Laser dentistry offers our patients an overall better experience for the service above. Make an appointment at Platinum Dental Care West Jordan and take advantage of laser dentistry today!

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