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Orthodontists are specially trained professionals who examine, diagnose, and treat abnormalities of the teeth and jawbone. Orthodontic care is exactly that; straightening teeth, correcting bites, closing teeth gaps, and aligning the jaw. 

Orthodontic care is an important branch of dentistry. The health of your teeth and jaw are directly associated with the way they grow and sit in your mouth. Orthodontists use devices, such as braces, to correct and improve your teeth and jaw, allowing them to be healthier.

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Do braces hurt?

Getting braces is a painless dental procedure, however it is normal for patients to feel some discomfort after an orthodontic wire is placed in the brackets (or braces) on the teeth. This soreness should subside in as little as a week. The same is typical after braces have been tightened. If you feel excessive pain or discomfort, call your orthodontist right away. 

What are the benefits of


  • Healthy, straight teeth
  • Corrected bite 
  • Reduced cavities
  • Lower risk of gum disease
  • Healthier jaw

Braces have helped many people achieve healthier, straighter teeth. See how our team can improve your smile by calling Platinum Dental Care West Jordan today!

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