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An x-ray is a radiograph, basically meaning it is an image made through radiation by electromagnetic waves. X-rays allow doctors of all kinds to see the interior of their patients for further examination.

X-rays can be used to examine bones, teeth and cavities, things that have been swallowed, and soft tissues like the lungs and intestines.

Our dentists at Platinum Dental Care West Jordan use the latest x-ray technology to give our patients the best service. Give us a call and get your dental x-ray today!

What do dentists use x-rays for?

Dentists use x-rays to see teeth from a different perspective. Through these x-rays, your dentist can identify oral problems including cavities, tooth decay, and impacted teeth (usually wisdom teeth). X-rays play an important role in dental examination and diagnosis.

What types of dental

X-Rays Are There?

  • Intraoral x-rays use an x-ray film inside the mouth:
    • Bitewing
    • Periapical
    • Occlusal
  • Extraoral x-rays where x-ray film is outside of the mouth
    • Panoramic
    • Tomograms
    • Cephalometric

X-rays are an important part of a regular dental check-up. Schedule yours with our team at Platinum Dental Care West Jordan today!

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